561.35E1A/5: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Bingham) to the Secretary of State

414. International Sugar Council Secretary confidentially quotes Peruvian representative to the effect that State Department had informed [Page 953] Peruvian Ambassador in Washington that it would do its utmost to obtain a quota of 56,000 tons for Peru on United States market. Question arises whether this figure is accurate and whether all of this increase is to be obtained under authority article 9c of International Agreement and therefore not chargeable to agreed export quota for Peru. Such authority seems explicit and corresponds to similar advantages granted by United Kingdom to Empire countries but Council Secretary believes this increase to be excessive and not in harmony with 20,000 figure for Peru mentioned in informal discussions at time of International Conference.

Suggest appropriate instructions to American delegates to Council meeting July 54 as to method of handling this question.

  1. The Provisional International Sugar Council met in London, July 5–7, 1937.