893.4061 Motion Pictures/215: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China ( Peck ) to the Secretary of State

346. Embassy’s 336, December 1, 11 a.m. from Nanking concerning ban on Paramount films.

Letter dated December 4 from Perkins stated that the two pictures which were being held by the Censorship Committee had been released with permits for showing and that Paramount had submitted three other films which Perkins believed were being considered.
Letter stated that Perkins could not comment on the letter of November 30 from the Director of the Department of International Affairs until he had consulted New York but observed that it would [Page 685] be impossible to withdraw the film from circulation immediately since this would expose Paramount to damage suits for violation of contracts.
Perkins requested in letter that the Embassy advise the Foreign Office only that he was taking up with the New York office the matter of international withdrawal of this film.
To Peiping for the Ambassador.