893.01 Inner Mongolia/87: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

537. Embassy’s 492, October 9, 5 p.m. Reports of a disturbing nature have been appearing in the press during the past few days in regard to the Chahar-Suiyuan situation, but it is possible that some of the more threatening reports are being issued by interested parties for political purposes. Despite the fragmentary reports, however, it would appear reasonably certain that (1) in the course of the last month there has been an increase in number of pro-Manchukuo and Mongol forces in Chahar, (2) those forces hope to extend their influence into Suiyuan, and (3) the Suiyuan authorities have been making definite defense preparations with the evident determination to resist any hostile incursion into their territory. Current reports are to the effect, however, that the forces mentioned in (1) above are now in part moving into Pailingmiao, North Suiyuan. Although that place has remained under the influence of Teh Wang, Mongol leader, since his defection from the National Government, the stationing of any considerable hostile force at Pailingmiao would constitute a threat to both Kweisui and Paotow. Tokyo by mail.