793.94/7693: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Peck) to the Secretary of State

24. Isogai, Japanese Military Attaché, interviewed Chiang Kai Shek, January 25, prior to returning to Japan. I have reliable information that he produced the impression that he favors the contention of the Chinese Government that negotiations concerning Sino-Japanese relations should be taken out of the hands of military leaders and returned to regular diplomatic channels. The Chinese attributed this attitude to his being a representative of the War Office and his consequent jealousy of the Kwantung army officers now prominent in Northern negotiations. The Chinese authorities believed that the Japanese Government has decided to follow policy of nibbling and continuous moderate pressure for the time being instead of taking any drastic step. They think that this advice was given by Suma during recent Tokyo visit. Suma himself told a foreign news correspondent after his return to Nanking January 22 that the Japanese Government intended to be “very patient” in dealing with the Chinese.

Repeated to Department and Peiping.