793.94/7860: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

201. 1. Nanking’s telegram to the Department 92, April 16, 5 p.m., and paragraph 2 of the Embassy’s 168, April 3, noon. Although joint suppression of Communism has probably been urged recently by Matsumuro, available information here indicates that Sung has not yet entered into an agreement. According to various sources, Sung has recently stated that he is not a traitor to China and that, unlike Ho Ying Chin, he has not entered into any written agreement with the Japanese. Chinese observers state that Sung is deeply averse to yielding to Japanese representations of major importance.

2. There are at present in Peiping two Kuominchun generals who formerly outranked Sung. One of them, Shih Ching Ting, has been here for some time as chief counselor of the Hopei-Chahar pacification [Page 115] headquarters. The other, Teng Che-hsi, has only recently arrived from Nanking and has been appointed Chief of Court Martial of the Hopei-Chahar pacification headquarters. A third, Lu Chung Lin, was in Peiping recently as a representative from Feng Yu Hsiang. It seems probable that their advice to their former subordinate Sung has been that he should not yield to Japanese representations. What significance, if any, the movements of these men may have with regard to the Kuominchun as a unit is a matter of speculation.

3. The future of Sung’s relations with the Japanese appears to depend upon (1) the courage of Sung in refusing to make important concessions to the Japanese, (2) the degree of pressure which the Japanese may be willing to exert, and (3) the extent of aid, if any, which the National Government may give to Sung.

4. The principal Chinese military of Hopei are expected to return from Tientsin to Peiping within a day or two. The principal Japanese military in the five northern provinces are expected to have a conference soon at Tientsin with Colonel Nagami, Chief of Staff of the North China Garrison, who has just returned from Tokyo where he represented Major [General] Tada at the annual meeting of Japanese commanders. It is anticipated that subsequent to [this?] Sino-Japanese conversations at Peiping will be resumed.

5. According to the Japanese press, there will be a conference at Shanghai of Japanese military officers after the imminent arrival there from Japan of the new Japanese Military Attaché.

6. Tientsin’s telegram, November 27, 11 a.m.,51 the Consulate General at Tientsin reports in despatch 190, April 16,52 that there is renewed activity in the vicinity of the international race course. Evidence points to construction under supervision of Japanese military of large building or buildings near the land already leveled off for use as airfield. Apparently an aerodrome or barracks is being constructed. A Chinese official stated that the work involves an area of some 700 acres, much of which belongs to the Peiping-Mukden Railway.

7. Yin Ju Keng of the demilitarized zone has sent a “good will envoy” to Hsinking. Information is lacking with regard to developments in Yin’s relations with the Japanese.

8. According to press reports, some 250 soldiers of the Japanese Embassy Guard left Peiping April 18 for Japan, replacements of approximately the same strength having arrived April 16.

By mail to Tokyo.