360h.117 Rigler, Frank/12

The Chargé in Yugoslavia (Abbott) to the Secretary of State

No. 361 [561]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of the Department’s instruction No. 160 of July 6, 1936,25 (File No. 360H.117 Rigler, Frank/9 [10]) in regard to the information to be furnished to American citizens of Yugoslav origin who are planning to visit Yugoslavia.

The Legation has carefully studied the text of the new paragraph, No. 63 Yugoslavia,25 which the Department plans to include in the Notice to Bearers of Passports, and is of the opinion that it is a correct statement of the conditions under which an American citizen of Yugoslav origin may visit Yugoslavia with immunity from military service in Yugoslavia. However, in response to the Department’s desire to receive any suggestions which the Legation might care to make in regard to the revised paragraph, the Legation would suggest that emphasis be made of the fact that not only are naturalized Americans of Yugoslav origin subject to the provisions of the military service law but also that the children of parents of Yugoslav origin, unless they have renounced their Yugoslav nationality under Article 31, are equally subject to these provisions, regardless of the fact that the children were born in the United States.

Persons of the category indicated are advised to commence the regularization of their status, under Article 45, or to take steps toward renunciation of Yugoslav nationality, under Article 31, well in advance of their departure for Yugoslavia so that the competent Yugoslav diplomatic or consular officials may communicate, if the circumstances so require, with the authorities in Yugoslavia.

Respectfully yours,

Wainwright Abbott
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