811.114 Liquor/1102

Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Culbertson)

In his conversation with Mr. Dunn75 this morning, Mr. Henry inquired as to the status of H. R. 9185, and the MacAdoo-Johnson amendment thereto, which permits domestic interests to use famous French wine names. Mr. Dunn stated that the Secretary had again taken this matter up with the appropriate members of Congress, and that it was the Secretary’s intention that should the legislation pass his efforts with regard to the particular amendment in question would not cease, and that it could be said for Mr. Henry’s strictly confidential information that in all probability efforts would be made at the next session of Congress to have that provision of the Liquor Tax Bill altered.

The question then came up as to when this Bill would become effective in the event that it is passed. Mr. Dunn telephoned to Mr. Price, the Clerk of the Ways and Means Committee, with regard to this question, and Mr. Price telephoned back later to say that Section 508 of the Bill provides that with the exception of Sections 502 and 505 the Act shall take effect when a majority of the Administrators of the Federal Alcohol Administration have qualified and taken office. (Since the Administrators have to be nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, we might hope that the Act, even if passed, cannot become effective before the next session of Congress.[)]

P[aul] T. C[ulbertson]
  1. Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs.