124.52/139: Telegram

The Third Secretary of Embassy in Spain ( Wendelin ) to the Acting Secretary of State

X–336. My telegram No. X–334, November 22, 2 p.m. Minister of State has just advised in telephone conversation from Valencia that he will probably be able to provide necessary automobiles from there to evacuate American nationals desiring to leave Madrid. He will inform me definitely tomorrow when I am in a position to estimate more accurately number of persons desiring to leave. He inquired whether in this case I would go to Valencia and I informed him that my impression was that my Government would so instruct. Before leaving Madrid in any case, however, I should like to complete arrangements to close Embassy, house American refugees remaining here in Residencia de Señoritas if the Department approves.1

Referring to last sentence of Department’s telegram No. 200, November 20, 4 p.m.2 newspapermen here were informed of Department’s action from Washington even before receipt of Department’s telegram, Navy press news picked up by our radio operator yesterday carried same report.

  1. In telegram No. 201, November 23, 11 a.m., giving Mr. Wendelin instructions regarding withdrawing to Valencia, the Department disapproved taking over the Residencia para Señoritas as a refuge for Americans; Mr. Wendelin was instructed to designate one of the Spanish employees as custodian of the Embassy which might be used as a refuge only for Spanish employees and servants and their families and for American nationals unable to leave Madrid (352.1115/2323).
  2. See telegram No. B–69, November 20, 4 p.m., to the Ambassador in Spain, then in France, p. 766.