852.5215/13: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Third Secretary of Embassy in Spain (Wendelin)

95. Your X–83, August 23, 9 p.m. Your action to date approved. Your first consideration must necessarily be the protection of American nationals. Their safety should not be jeopardized by the admission to the Embassy of any persons whose right to refuge there might be open to question. If the Spanish husbands or parents of American citizens come to you in immediate danger from mob violence you need not refuse to receive them but you should require them to leave the Embassy again as soon as the immediate danger of molestation appears to have passed. Similarly you should not place at the disposal of such persons the Embassy’s facilities for evacuation unless you are fully satisfied that the Spanish authorities interpose no objection to their departure from Spain and that their presence among departing Americans is not likely to endanger the latter in any way.