852.1115/859: Telegram

The Third Secretary of Embassy in Spain (Wendelin) to the Secretary of State

X–67. Eight American nationals left Madrid by train to Alicante and will be evacuated on British ship. Telephone company officers left last night by train for Barcelona via Valencia to take charge telephone office there. 151 American nationals now known to be in Madrid of whom 38 in the Embassy. Of total approximately 25 are Puerto Rican and 24 Philippine nationals.

Analysis of list of Americans still in Madrid shows that most of those remaining are not likely to leave. These people include 12 officials of the telephone company including Colonel Behn, several officials [Page 675] of the International Banking Corporation affiliate of the National City Bank, several newspaper men, [garbled groups] and number here all of whom will not leave without instructions from their superiors. One woman in Embassy gravely ill and possibly a few others unable to leave now for reasons of health. A few refuse to leave as they have no relatives in the United States and fear they may be stranded abroad. Considerable number decline to leave because their families include Spanish citizens and all their interests are here. I would estimate that perhaps 20 or 30 more may leave in the next few days, many more if local situation becomes critical or Embassy is closed, but considerable number very early under any circumstances.