852.00/2618: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Bowers), Then in France, to the Secretary of State

64. Your telegram of August 14, 4 [5] p.m. Regret our Navy can send but four ships for extensive Spanish coast. Two absolutely required on northern coast where Cayuga expected to serve alone. One should remain within easy reach of Bilbao at all times at this juncture and another must be available for responding to calls from Corunna to San Sebastián, a considerable distance. The vessels here are not at my disposal and if my judgment meets your approval Navy Department must instruct commanding officer in Spanish waters to send one of the destroyers to northern coast to keep in touch with [Page 674] me to meet subsequent emergencies as may come. Cayuga’s present trip to Vigo to take refugees to St. [Jean] de Luz leaves Bilbao, an important center for refugees and American business interests, without recourse at a time when conditions there may become serious.