352.1121 Trapote, Manuel S./1: Telegram

The Consul at Vigo (Corcoran) to the Secretary of State

Manuel Santiso Trapote, American citizen, arrested here August 10. Two days of protestation and efforts to have him released have been fruitless but I hope to have some decision today.88 As a result of my efforts in his behalf received today anonymous letter purporting to come from Communists threatening my death at an early date. Contents prove that it was written at Fascist or military headquarters as it divulges facts only known to military. The letter states that despite the fact that I have heretofore helped Communist cause I have now betrayed it and am marked.

This is a hint from the military as to how they will attempt to exculpate themselves in such an event. Military has assigned me personal guards but in these I have little faith.89

  1. For further information concerning Trapote, see telegram of October 17, 1 p.m., from the Consul General at Lisbon, p. 739.
  2. Upon receipt of the Department’s authorization, August 12, 6 p.m., to depart to a place of safety, the Consul informed the Department on August 13 that he was sailing on the Austrias for Southampton on August 15, leaving Vice Consul Stewart in charge of the Consulate (123C814/298, 299).