352.1115/554: Telegram

The Consul at Malaga (Graves) to the Secretary of State

Department’s August 8, 2 p.m. I have informed local military commander substance Department’s instruction, as well as telegraphing substance thereof to military commanders at Almira and Jean. In order to attempt to assure protection to airplane and to prevent it being fired upon, military commander Malaga states that he must be previously advised of the clay, hour and exact route made to each passage of airplane over Government lines. Considering ever shifting military scene, military commander states that airplane should not take off without his knowledge and his instructions as to signs or movements which airplane should make in order to show that it is not a rebel airplane. He advises that the flight over the land be as short as possible and suggests route Granada–Motril and then over sea to Tangier. I, of course, assume that all arrangements have been made with rebel authorities at Granada since I have no communication with that city or with rebel authorities. At the best I think it impossible for any effective assurance to be given that the airplane may not be fired upon.