352.1115/526: Telegram

The Consul at Malaga (Graves) to the Secretary of State

Respecting evacuation of some 400 foreigners reported to be in Granada. Since Malaga and Granada are in the hands of opposing factions, [Page 663] the Department’s intention is respectfully invited to the practicability of the United States, French, British, German and Italian Governments making a joint request of the Government at Madrid to instruct the Provincial Government of Malaga to make every facility available to assist in the evacuation of the foreigners from Granada. At the same time, through the respective Consuls, the foreign governments could request similar cooperation from the rebel Government at Seville by requesting it to instruct their forces at Granada to lend assistance in the evacuation. The idea is that the foreigners should pass through the contending lines under a flag of truce, each side cooperating and extending assistance. Naturally the contending sides would have to be assured that trucks or buses made available for the purpose would be allowed to return to the forces furnishing them.

Possible routes of evacuation would be from Granada to Malaga via Loja or from Granada to the port of Motril where foreign warships would be waiting. Although it is not known to me, it is possible that evacuation from Granada might better be attempted through Cordoba and Seville.

I have discussed the entire question with my British, French, German and Italian colleagues and they are in agreement with me. We all feel that we are helpless to do anything locally.