The Third Secretary of Embassy in Spain (Wendelin) to the Secretary of State

X–32. Since beginning of revolution I have made every possible effort to assure safety of Embassy, Consulate, offices Military and Commercial Attachés, and residences American Government officials and private citizens. When crisis began July 19, Embassy had only two police guards and Consulate none. I have continually insisted with police and military authorities that additional guards be furnished and on July 21 obtained two guards for Consulate, on July 23 two additional for Embassy, on July 26 two more, and on August 2 another pair. We now have eight uniformed police guards on duty at Embassy, plus two at Consulate. Police have offered armed militia guards but I have rejected them insisting that only uniformed guards from official corps be furnished. Police guards in uniform particularly necessary to escort Embassy cars. I understand that some diplomatic missions now have armed militia guards and this situation is causing general concern.

Government and police authorities have done everything possible to give Embassy police protection we consider necessary and at my request have now ordered guards here to remain permanently instead of relieving them twice daily as heretofore. With this permanent detachment we can better organize defense and win their personal loyalty. [Page 661] Primary concern is that guards may be withdrawn if desperate need arises but Director General of Security and Minister of Finance, latter apparently in charge at Ministry of War, have assured me personally that our guards will not be withdrawn under any circumstances.