352.1115/248: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Bowers), Then on the U. S. S. “Cayuga”,74 to the Secretary of State

8030. Called this morning with Consul and officers of Firestone plant on Civil Governor regarding taking over of plant by Central government to make tires for war purposes. Company was fearful lest attempt be made to compel delivery of secret formulas. Conference [Page 654] wholly satisfactory as to formulas and company willing to make the tires desired. Also satisfactorily ironed out misunderstanding about place of embarkation for foreigners leaving. Bilbao practically normal, no armed men in streets, stores opened, papers published. Asturios wholly with government, except Oviedo which is surrounded by 30,000 Loyalist forces who can take it by storm but prefer attempt to starve town into submisison to spare lives and property. The Government is sure all foreigners are out of Oviedo. Leaving this evening for Gijon to pick up any Americans there. 2100.

  1. The Cayuga was evidently at Bilbao.