852.00/2280: Telegram

The Minister in Portugal (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

24. Telephoned Embassy at Madrid at noon. He requests approval of the Department evacuation Americans by a train if it can be obtained to Valencia, depending on guarantees from the Spanish Government regarding safety line and train and having troops to guard. He received Department’s instruction Panamanians, Cubans who will be housed without any bedding and he requests authority to receive Austrians who are without any protection. The case was considered yesterday at a Diplomatic Corps conference.

He states three notices from the Spanish Government yesterday: no person to be arrested if identified passport sufficient; militia no longer to patrol streets regular police only from 9 p.m.; all markets to open, large food supplies expected.

He would like to receive radio from the Oklahoma tonight, does not know when transmitting will be possible.

Bitter fighting on other side of mountains but it is believed no progress made by rebels.

On the [sic] last night he stated Madrid discipline very good.