852.00/2235: Telegram

The Secretary of State to President Roosevelt, at Sea

5. Your telegram of July 24 in reply to mine of July 23 relative to question of quietly making preliminary preparations during next four or five days to send one cruiser and four or five destroyers as replacements for Oklahoma, Quincy and revenue cutter for relief work on Spanish coast. Our purpose in suggesting this preliminary preparation was based upon understanding that Quincy and Oklahoma at the time would have to be brought out soon; and second that in the event of anarchy numerous Americans would be filtering from interior to coast for some time, and hence the importance of having some vessel or vessels present for their relief. In the light of dispatches today and yesterday I feel that help given Americans by vessels of other governments together with help our four American vessels are giving and will give safely takes care of present emergency. I therefore feel that we can dismiss from mind any tentative plan or suggestion to make preliminary preparations to send any vessels from this country to Spain for purpose of existing emergency there.