Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Eastern European Affairs (Kelley)

I called the Finnish Minister on the phone and told him that I had an Easter gift16 for his Government. I said that we had decided to accept the proposal of his Government with regard to the omission of Article XVI. I stated that we had reexamined carefully all aspects of the matter and, despite the possibility of complications in connection with Trade Agreements already concluded or under negotiation, are willing, taking into consideration the nature of the products upon which concessions have been granted to Finland, to omit the Article [Page 80] in question, in view of the objection to this Article on the part of the Finnish Government from the standpoint of principles of commercial policy.

The Minister seemed pleased and said that he would inform his Government immediately. He inquired whether we might have also decided to drop Articles VII and XIII. I told him that these Articles must remain, and that the only Article omitted would be No. XVI.

I renewed my request to the Minister to let me have as soon as possible the Finnish translation of the Agreement so that we could start checking it.

Robert F. Kelley
  1. Easter Sunday was April 12.