Memorandum by Mr. Landreth M. Harrison of the Division of Eastern European Affairs

Conversation: The Minister of Finland, Mr. Eero Järnefelt;
The Secretary of the Finnish Legation, Dr. Sigurd von Numers;
Mr. Robert F. Kelley;11
Mr. Landreth M. Harrison.

The Finnish Minister called to present the Finnish reply9 to our proposals with respect to the general provisions which were given to Dr. von Numers by Mr. Harrison on March 6, 1936.9

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The Finnish Government accepted the new articles which are to be inserted in the draft as Articles III and XII. It likewise agreed to the addition of the proposed second paragraph to Article X, to the omission of the final phrase of the Finnish proposal for Article XVII, and to the inclusion of the final clause in Article XV.

The Minister then stated that the Finnish Government objected in principle to the optional termination clauses contained in Articles VI, XI, and XIV on the grounds that such provisions might make the agreement valueless to Finland. He added that his Government was willing to retain in the proposed Articles VI and XI provisions calling for negotiations but that it was not willing to have the optional termination clauses. The Finnish Government is not willing to accept Article XIV and desires to have this entire article omitted from the proposed agreement. The Minister discussed at some length contingencies which might arise under the above termination provisions, making a special point of the application of Article XIV in the event that large imports into the United States of birch plywood took place as a result of the concession made on that commodity.

Our position with respect to these optional termination provisions was explained at length to the Minister and Mr. Kelley informed him that he would make known to him on March 24 the decision with respect to the Finnish requests regarding these articles.

L. M. Harrison
  1. Chief of the Division of Eastern European Affairs.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.