The Chargé in Estonia (Carlson) to the Secretary of State

No. 24 (Diplomatic)

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith a memorandum of a conversation14 which I had on November 2, 1936, with Mr. Karl Selter, the Estonian Minister for Economic Affairs concerning the trade relations between Estonia and the United States.

As will appear from the memorandum, Minister Selter was disposed to take a favorable attitude towards the development of the commodity exchanges between the two countries, particularly since he seemed to feel that there would in future be an increase in the sale of Estonian products to the United States. The Minister also gave the impression that no attempt would be made to place a serious check upon the admission of American staple products into Estonia.

During the course of the conversation the Minister made some interesting observations concerning imports of American motor vehicles into Estonia. He said, among other things, that an American motor car company was entertaining plans for the establishment of an assembly plant in Estonia.

Respectfully yours,

H. E. Carlson
  1. Not printed.