852.00/2247: Telegram

The Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier ( Blake ) to the Secretary of State

10. My protest to General Franco bombing Exmouth delivered yesterday by British Consul, Tetuán. Franco promised to give strict orders to prevent recurrence of such regrettable incidents although his explanations, attributing to defective apparatus on planes responsible for unintentional release of bombs, were obviously unsatisfactory. Protests were made by British Consul at same time relative to similar incidents in Straits involving British merchantmen.

In event further protests necessary I will present them personally to Franco or through Doolittle,9 if circumstances prevent my absence from Tangier.

No change in local situation which remains extremely delicate. Italian Admiral has arrived on cruiser Eugenio di Savoia and French Admiral arriving today.

  1. Hooker A. Doolittle, Consul and Second Secretary at Tangier.