The Portuguese Minister (Bianchi) to the Secretary of State

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency’s note dated the 11th instant, enclosing the draft of a proposed modus-vivendi to be concluded between our two Governments, to take the place of the commercial arrangement effected by exchange of notes signed at Washington on June 28, 1910.

In your note, your Excellency was good enough to outline the general policy of the United States Government in matters commercial and to express the hope that it may be able, in harmony with such policy, to continue, as up to the present, to apply the concessions granted to trade agreements to articles the growth, produce or manufacture of Portugal.

I am forwarding to my Government, without delay, the draft under acknowledgment and shall not fail to inform your Excellency of their reply in due course.5

I avail myself [etc.]

  1. No further reply was received. The preliminary discussions were renewed in 1938.