The Acting Secretary of State to the Czechoslovak Chargé (Němeček)30

Sir: I acknowledge the receipt of your note 604/36 of November 17, 1936, and have taken due note of its contents.

Adverting to the request, contained in the last paragraph of your note, that the Czech Government be apprised concerning the specific instances which are considered contrary to the provisions of the modus vivendi of March 29, 1936 [1935], I believe you will agree with me that it would be more fitting that any discussion of the questions already broached with the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs be carried on in Prague, and accordingly the American Minister in that Capital has been instructed in that sense. In order, however, to acquaint you with the American Government’s position with regard to the difficulties encountered by American commerce in Czechoslovakia, I desire to hand you herewith a copy of a note which was presented to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the American Minister at Prague on November 25, 1936.

Accept [etc.]

For the Acting Secretary of State:
[File copy not signed.]
  1. Handed to the Chargé on November 25.