711.689 Seamen/1

The Greek Minister ( Sicilianos ) to the Secretary of State

No. 321

The Minister of Greece presents his compliments to His Excellency the Secretary of State and has the honor to suggest that an agreement be concluded between the United States of America and Greece for the reciprocal recognition of identification cards held by seamen instead of passports.

The Greek Government are of the opinion that an agreement of this nature would be very useful, and if the American Government acceded to such a proposal, the main provisions should incorporate the following:

When the holder of the identification card desires to land in one of the ports of the other country in order to accept employment by contract on board a ship in a port of the country;
When he lands for shore leave during the time his ship is in the harbor;
In the case of his repatriation when his card should show that he is released for repatriation, mentioning his nationality. In this case the card should bear the signature and photograph of the holder, duly stamped.

The agreement may be concluded by the exchange of notes.

The Minister of Greece wishes to add that such provisions are included in agreements between his Government, Great Britain,40 France and Turkey. He would highly appreciate if His Excellency the Secretary of State advised him of his views on the matter.

  1. For text of exchange of notes between Greece and Great Britain, signed at London, April 13 and 21, 1933, see League of Nations Treaty Series, vol. cxl, p. 133.