868.51 War Credits/714

The Assistant Secretary of State ( Carr ) to the Secretary of the Treasury ( Morgenthau )

My Dear Mr. Secretary: With reference to the letter addressed by the Banque de Grece, Athens, to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, March 12, 1936, covering payment to the Treasury of the United States of the amount of $152,544 in payment of 35 percent of interest due on May 10, 1935, and November 10, 1935, on the Four Per Cent Loan of 1929, copy of which you have informally furnished this Department,14 I suggest that the receipt covering this transaction contain, in addition to the appropriate statement of the receipt and application of the payment, the following reference to the reservation of the Greek Government expressed in the letter under reference.

“With reference to the statement of the Banque of Grece that the above-mentioned payment is made under reservation of all rights by the Hellenic Government, which contends that the loan in question ranks among the war loans, I have to state that the payment is received without prejudice to the contractual rights of the United States, which are set forth in Part II of the Debt Agreement of May 10, 1929, and in accordance with the position of the United States Government stated in a note addressed by the Secretary of State to the Greek Minister at Washington, February 8, 1936.”

Sincerely yours,

Wilbur J. Carr
  1. Not printed.