362.1154 Spiegelberg, Betty G./13: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Dodd)

124. With reference to your despatch 3017 and to instruction No. 581 regarding the Spiegelberg case, you are requested to seek an early [Page 290]interview with the Foreign Office, preferably with Baron von Neurath5 himself, for the purpose of requesting him to bring about a satisfactory adjustment of this case.

You should explain to him the history of the case thus far and point out that you are informed that individual cases of this kind have been adjusted in the past.

You should also state that you do not desire to enter into a legal controversy over the general principle involved, but that you do desire to request a satisfactory settlement of the case itself. You should add that the fact that you have been requested personally to take up the case with him indicates the degree of importance which your Government attaches to a satisfactory settlement.

You should likewise indicate that you have been requested to submit a telegraphic reply as early as practicable and that you will accordingly be grateful for an early decision on the part of the German authorities.

Your representations should be kept entirely oral.

  1. German Minister for Foreign Affairs. For results of the interview, see telegram No. 297, October 1, 9 a.m., from the Ambassador in Germany, p. 301.