462.11L5232/767: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany ( Dodd ) to the Secretary of State

317. Department’s 134, October 22, 5 p.m. The contents of the first paragraph were given to von Pfeffer on October 23rd and he expressed satisfaction with the reassurances contained therein. Yesterday he requested Lee89 to call on him at which time he presented to him a [Page 278] three point memorandum the first point of which is quoted in translation as follows:

“(1) The remaining difficulties in connection with the Munich agreement of July 1936 which had to be cleared upon the German side have now been settled. In order to avoid unnecessary inquiries and delays with regard to formulations and similar matters connected with the carrying out of the agreement by the Mixed Claims Commission, the German Government is detailing President Doctor Markau who prepared and signed the Munich agreement to Washington.

The German Government has the honor to announce herewith that President Doctor Markau is sailing on October 30 S. S. Europa since it is understood from cable from the American representative Mr. Bonynge that on the American Government’s side everything is ready for execution.”

The above answers the query contained in the last paragraph of the telegram under reference.

The balance of the memorandum deals with other matters pertaining to general relations between the two countries and copies thereof together with certain other details will be transmitted by despatch going forward on October 30th.

  1. Frank C. Lee, First Secretary of Embassy in Germany.