611.60F31/137: Telegram

The Minister in Czechoslovakia (Wright) to the Secretary of State

15. My 11, May 19, 4 p.m. Conversations concluded except concerning automotive chemicals and minor details. Results achieved in addition to those reported in my telegram are summarized below.

Franco-Czechoslovak treaty provision for annual import of 1,000 French automobiles has been abrogated and present French annual quota of 180 cars will not be increased. American and French quotas will be quarterly with cumulative privileges up to one year. Details of cartel arrangement will be communicated to Legation. Adequate quota for spare parts assured us.

Embargo on American apples in bulk and barrels will be raised, quotas to be alloted as reported in my telegram.

Quota will be alloted us for dyes under tariff item 625A.

Czechoslovakia is willing notwithstanding alleged detriment to her trade to annul discriminatory practices regarding casings (see my original aide-mémoire) and grant quota based on representative period.

Full details by mail today.