462.11L5232/591: Telegram

The Chargé in Germany (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

173. Department’s 67, June 5, 7 p.m. Owing to Pfeffer’s absence from Berlin have only just been to inform him as instructed. He said an indication from Foreign Office that the sending of representative is desired would be arranged by Goering himself as this is an internal German matter and would be communicated directly to the German Embassy at Washington. Pfeffer added that the sending of instructions through the Foreign Office concerning postponement of hearing set for June 17 would also be arranged by Goering.

Regarding evidence of Goering’s authority to deal with the sabotage cases Pfeffer gave the following memorandum: [Page 271]

(Translation) [“]He expected the special authority (vollmedalt) which the German Government issued to Prime Minister Goering on April 27, 1936, the principal but not the entire contents of which were officially announced in the entire press and on the radio embraced so far as concerns foreign exchange and raw materials and especially exports and imports the whole trade policy with the United States of America as well as the still unsettled difficulties between the two Governments.”

Pfeffer added verbally that under the order of April 27 the Ministries concerned such as Foreign Office and Ministry of Economics will continue to function within their competence but are subject to Goering’s orders as a superior.

Pfeffer indicated undesirability of publicity with regard to departure of representatives.