The Acting Secretary of State to the German Ambassador (Luther)

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: On receipt of your note of August 12th, I communicated at once with the Treasury Department and am just in receipt of the reply from the Acting Secretary of the Treasury of today’s date.

I enclose herewith a copy of a Treasury Decision of today’s date,51 from which you will note that, in view of the assurances given by the German Government, Treasury Decision 48360 has been further modified so that its provisions are now inapplicable to direct or indirect imports from Germany of the commodities listed therein if the collector of customs concerned shall be satisfied by documentary evidence that the agreement pursuant to which they were exported from Germany was entered into after August 2, 1936, or, in the cases of cameras, calf and kid leather, and surgical instruments, after July 25, 1936.

Very sincerely yours,

William Phillips
  1. Not printed.