The German Ambassador (Luther) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: By direction of my Government, I have the honor to transmit the following declaration to Your Excellency, with reference to my note of June 15, 1936, and in connection with the [Page 247] decision of the United States Treasury Department (T. D. 48360) of June 4, 1936:

For any transactions concluded after July 25, 1936, which cover the indirect or direct exportation of the following goods to the United States, viz.: photographic apparatus, calf and goat leather, and surgical instruments, the German Government will neither authorize the use of the scrip and bond procedure nor permit the payment of a public or private premium or subsidy, nor the employment of other German means of payment than Reichsmarks freely convertible into foreign currencies or free Reichsmarks usable within the country.

I should be especially grateful to Your Excellency for communication of the above declaration to the United States Treasury Department as soon as possible.

Accept [etc.]

[File copy not signed.]