Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Trade Agreements (Hawkins)

Conversation: The Minister of Czechoslovakia;
Mr. Otakar Kabeláč;10
Mr. Hawkins.

The Minister referred to the discussion regarding the Czechoslovakian discriminations and Danubian preferences. He stated that he desired to discuss the matter from two points of view, namely, (a) the Czechoslovakian discriminations in favor of countries other than those in the Danubian area, and (b) the Danubian preferences.

With reference to (a), he stated that the Czechoslovakia Government is ready to abolish completely the discrimination against American automobiles and any other discriminations in favor of non-Danubian countries. In this connection he asked for a copy of the memorandum which was sent to our Minister at Prague recently, and which he understands contains a complete statement regarding non-Danubian discriminations.

With reference to (b), the Minister suggested that in discussing the Danubian preferences he would give us soon a complete written statement of all preferences given by Czechoslovakia to Danubian countries, asking that this list be held confidential. The list of preferences now granted would be used as a basis for discussion with us of the limitations to be imposed on Czechoslovakia regarding the granting of such preferences.

The Minister stated that it was the desire of his Government that the negotiations be conducted here.

  1. First Secretary, Czechoslovak Legation in Washington.