The Ambassador in Germany ( Dodd ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2739

Sir: I have the honor to enclose a single copy, with translation, of a memorandum, dated April 2, 1936,31 which was handed to Mr. Flack32 at the Foreign Office on that day. Mr. Flack’s visit was occasioned by a telephone call from Geheimrat Dr. Davidsen, of the American Section, in which the latter stated that he had certain information which he would like to communicate to the Embassy, and suggested that the former call at his office in this connection.

In handing over the memorandum for the information of the Embassy, Dr. Davidsen said that the proposals mentioned therein had been presented by the German Embassy in Washington to Mr. Grady on April 1, 1936, in substantially the same language. The memorandum was received merely as information and no discussion whatever took place concerning it other than a recounting of the details therein and the private remark by Dr. Davidsen that the proposals had been approved by Dr. Schacht on the evening of March 27 and that they perhaps represented the full extent to which Germany might be able to go in that direction for some time to come. In conclusion, Dr. Davidsen said that the German Embassy in Washington had cabled saying that Mr. Grady had replied when handed the proposals, that he would examine them carefully and benevolently.

Respectfully yours,

William E. Dodd
  1. Not printed, but see German Government’s suggestions, supra.
  2. Joseph Flack, First Secretary of Embassy in Germany.