862.00 P.R./208

Extract From Political Report of the Ambassador in Germany (Dodd)74

1. Nazi Party Ordering of Educational Matters. The Märkische Volkszeitung of October 26 states that the competent educational authorities have ordered that in view of the great influx of students to Berlin only those will be admitted for matriculation to the universities and high schools during the coming winter semester who belong to an organ of the National Socialist Party (presumably the Hitler Youth, the S. A., S. S. or a similar Party organization). As far as is known this is the first time that membership in a Party association has been made a definite requirement for admission to a secondary education.

An agreement has recently been concluded between Reich Minister of Education Rust and Dr. Ley providing for the representation of the Party and the Labor Front upon the school boards of the state-operated professional schools and of the so-called Aufbauschulen, the latter being a type of reformed or experimental school instituted in Germany after the War. While the Party has exercised considerable influence in school management through Nazi-controlled teachers and parents associations, this appears to be the first time that formal provision has been made for its assumption of responsibility through representation on school boards which have hitherto been composed of state officials or, in the case of Confessional schools, of Church authorities.

  1. Transmitted to the Department by the Ambassador in Germany in his despatch No. 3118, October 28; received November 6.