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Extract From Political Report of the Chargé in Germany (Mayer)69

2. Duties of the Nazi Teacher. The Frankfurter Zeitung of July 21 published excerpts from a pamphlet by the Bavarian Minister of Education defining the duties of the primary school teacher under the National Socialist State. The excerpts are interesting as indicating that it is demanded of the teacher not merely that he should teach but that he should be a priest and missionary in the cause of National Socialism. Besides his work in the school, it is stated, the teacher of today has other duties to perform in the spheres of the youth administration (through cooperation with the Hitler Youth Organization), in nationality and racial questions, in enquiring into the home atmosphere of his pupils and in arranging excursions, “defense sports” and State youth day celebrations. Furthermore, it is expected that the teacher should attend congresses of the N. S. Lehrerbund, take his classes to visit meetings and exhibitions of the Party and have them participate in Winter Help work and air defense exercises. The [Page 182] teacher should also hold himself ready to help in the conduct of street lotteries and in the house-to-house distribution of literature.

It is learned that in the primary school field the Nazi teachers-organization, the N. S. Lehrerbund referred to above, has within recent months attained complete supremacy over the remnants of older organizations, so much so indeed that the dissolution was announced about two weeks ago of the rival group known as the Deutsche Lehrerbund.

  1. Transmitted to the Department by the Chargé” in Germany in his despatch No. 2965, July 30; received August 8.