The Chief of the Division of Mexican Affairs (Reed) to the Mexican Ambassador (Castillo Nájera)

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: I have received your letter of August 23, 1935,68 reply to which has been delayed because of my absence from the city, inquiring whether in the circumstances set forth, the competent authorities of the Government of the United States are authorized to exercise censorship over radio addresses.

Informal inquiry concerning this matter has been made of the competent authorities and I am advised that the Federal Communications Commission, which exercises general supervision over broadcasting, has no power of censorship over radio programs.

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As you have doubtless noted, there have been broadcasted a number of radio addresses severely criticizing not only the policies but also officials of the Government of the United States. So far as I am aware, however, no effort is made to censor such programs.

I am [etc.]

Edward L. Reed
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