The Chief of the Division of Mexican, Affairs (Reed) to the Mexican Ambassador (Castillo Nájera)

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: I regret that it has not been possible to reply more promptly to your letter of August 8, 1935,67 requesting an expression of opinion regarding a communication67 dated Lent, 1935, bearing the signature of Leopoldo Ruiz, Archbishop of Morelia, [Page 805]Apostolic Delegate to Mexico, a photostatic copy of which you left at the Department some time ago. You also ask that you be advised concerning the nature of the response which could be made in this country to a request of the diplomatic mission of a foreign country that the use of the official services of this Government be denied to persons who are employing them systematically to arouse hostile sentiments toward the government of such foreign country.

Concerning the intentions which may have inspired the statements in the document in question I do not feel that I can properly express an opinion, excepting to say that on its face the appeal which the letter contains appears to be for donations of funds. The word “fight” is used in this connection, but in view of the earlier statement that “the Church has forbidden the shedding of blood and they obey the Church”, it would appear that the author of the letter deprecated any resort to force. Without, however, going further into this aspect of the matter, I may assure you that it is always to be regretted that any situation should exist which serves to provoke manifestations even of personal hostility on the part of citizens of the United States or resident aliens against the government of a foreign friendly State.

I infer that your second question relates to the possibility of excluding from the mails of the United States matter of this character. In reply, I may say that it is my understanding that the United States Postal Laws do not penalize the sending through the mails of such matter, even when directed against the policies of the Government of the United States, and I know of no way by which it could be prohibited under existing legislation.

I am [etc.]

Edward L. Reed
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