611.1531/104: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Keena) to the Secretary of State

48. The President of Honduras plans to appoint Armando Flores Fiallos, Under Secretary and now in charge of the Ministry of Finance as plenipotentiary to sign the trade agreement. I was asked today if I had received full powers to act as plenipotentiary in this matter to which I replied that I had not as yet received that authorization but would telegraph for it.

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The agreement as drafted by the Department and forwarded this Mission with instruction No. 15 of August 24, 1935, has not yet been returned to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs by the Ministry of Finance but I gather that as Doctor Lozano, the Minister of Finance, is probably definitely retiring from that office the trade agreement will be passed on promptly by Fiallos and I do not anticipate any material alterations in the text being suggested. Naturally any suggested change in the text not withdrawn after discussion will be reported to the Department for appropriate instruction.