The Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras ( Lay )

No. 664

Sir: With reference to the Department’s instruction No. 653 of January 14, 1935, I am transmitting herewith a list of concessions and assurances2 which this Government desires to obtain from Honduras in connection with the proposed Trade Agreement. Please present this list to the Honduran Foreign Minister, together with an aide-mémoire, the text of which is also enclosed herewith.

Under cover of a separate instruction,3 I am supplying you with a copy of the mimeographed report4 on Schedule I (the import schedule) prepared by the Country Committee on Trade Agreements with Central America, with the changes made in those recommendations by the Trade Agreements Committee noted in the text thereof. It is believed that this report, containing detailed analyses of the various concessions and assurances which the United States is seeking, will provide you with such background information on that subject as you may need during the course of the negotiations.

In addition, I am transmitting, under cover of the same instruction, a copy of the mimeographed report4 on textiles prepared by the Textile sub-Committee, which formed the basis for the concessions and assurances on textiles which the United States is now seeking.

As soon as the General Provisions for the agreement with Honduras are approved, they will be sent to you for presentation to the Honduran Government. Every effort will be made to supply you with an informal Spanish translation of those Provisions at that time, in view of your belief that consideration by the Honduran Government will be expedited if this is done. No Spanish translation of the enclosures to this instruction are being furnished, in order not to delay their transmittal, but I believe that after a study of the background information you will be in a position to make any clarifications that the Honduran Government may require in considering them.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Francis B. Sayre

Memorandum To Be Presented to the Honduran Foreign Ministry

Attached to this memorandum is a Schedule listing under three categories concessions and assurances on certain commodities exported by the United States to Honduras which the United States is requesting [Page 731] of the Government of Honduras in connection with the proposed Trade Agreement between the two countries.

Included under category (a) are the reductions in import duty sought by the United States on certain specified commodities; under (b) is included a list of items on which it is requested that the Honduran Government not raise the import duty during the life of the proposed Agreement; while under (c) two notes are included concerning treatment requested by the United States in connection with pharmaceutical specialties and patent medicines exported to Honduras.

In describing the articles on the attached Schedule, every effort has been exerted to conform as closely as possible with the nomenclature used in the Honduran customs tariff, but in view of the individual, alphabetical arrangement employed therein, in lieu of a category classification, the Government of the United States wishes to point out that the concessions and assurances contained on the attached Schedule are not limited to the tariff numbers listed following the description of the articles, but apply to all component items of the commodity groups indicated. The tariff item numbers listed, therefore, are given solely for identification purposes, for the convenience of the Honduran Government.

In no case has a preferential tariff rate been requested for products of the United States as compared with similar products from any third country.

The attached Schedule is being submitted at this time in order to give the Government of Honduras ample time to study these proposals.

It is understood that the Government of the United States reserves the privilege of suggesting such changes in this Schedule as may on further consideration seem desirable prior to its final approval by both Governments.

The Government of the United States expects in the near future to submit a preliminary draft of the General Provisions, which, together with the Schedules setting forth the concessions and assurances that may be reciprocally granted by the United States and Honduras, will constitute the Trade Agreement which it is hoped will be approved within the near future by the two Governments.

The Government of the United States is prepared to receive and give serious consideration to any proposals that the Honduran Government may choose to present in connection with possible tariff concessions which the United States might grant on products exported by Honduras to the United States of America, as well as to any other proposals which the Government of Honduras might wish to have considered in connection with the proposed Trade Agreement.

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