The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Honduras ( Gibson )

No. 653

Sir: The Country Committee on Trade Agreements with Central America has agreed upon a tentative list of concessions and assurances to be sought from Honduras. The list will be known as Schedule I. The Committee expects to have its findings ready for mimeographing during the week beginning January 14th, and hopes to be able to submit its recommendations in final form to the Trade Agreements Committee during the following week. If this program is not delayed, it should be possible to have Schedule I ready for presentation to the Honduran Government not later than the last week in January. Copies of Schedule I and the Country Committee’s report will be promptly transmitted to you as soon as they are ready. There has been no change in the Department’s intention to negotiate the agreement in Tegucigalpa.

I desire to take this opportunity of expressing the Department’s sincere appreciation for the prompt and useful way in which you, Vice Consul Acly and the other personnel of the Legation and Consulate in Tegucigalpa, have cooperated in furnishing information needed by the Country Committee in its study of Honduras. While it is realized that the preparation of the report submitted on “Protection of Local Industries” was necessarily handicapped by shortness of time, it contained useful information. The report, prepared by Vice Consul Acly, on the nature of special customs concessions, was satisfactory in every respect, and very useful to the Committee, as were the cabled report on the tariff classification of certain American exports to Honduras and the information submitted on the flour-mills and the coconut lard factory.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
William Phillips