724.3415/4931: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Saavedra Lamas )

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency’s most gratifying cabled invitation of yesterday’s date45 personally to collaborate in the negotiations for the pacification of the Chaco either [Page 71] immediately or when the peace conference is called. I wish indeed that it were possible for me to accept this invitation and thus enjoy the privilege of cooperating personally with Your Excellency and my colleagues the Foreign Ministers of Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay, in this great enterprise to which the attention of the entire continent is now directed. Unfortunately, much as I regret it, the many pressing obligations of my duties here make it impossible for me now to leave Washington. I cannot let this occasion pass without expressing my personal regret at my inability to take part in the task now before the representatives of the mediating countries at Buenos Aires.

I renew to Your Excellency the assurances of my highest consideration.

Cordell Hull
  1. Not printed.