724.3415/4853: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina ( Cox ) to the Secretary of State

39. Department’s 41, May 10, 8 p.m.

1. At meeting today the Brazilian, Chilean, Peruvian Ambassadors, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and I were present, the Minister read his note to the Uruguayan Ambassador inviting Uruguay in the name of those at the May 9 meeting to participate in the mediating group and the latter’s acceptance. The Uruguayan Ambassador then joined us. It was determined to invite the United States to participate in the economic conference and the Minister for Foreign Affairs will address a note to me to this effect.

2. Peruvian Ambassador pointed out the necessity that these discussions should be strictly confidential. He read a United Press report from Santiago published here to the effect that Chile supported Mexican inclusion in the mediating group while Peru opposed it, as well as a statement reserving Peru’s right if she deemed it necessary to indicate publicly her favorable attitude towards inviting Mexico to join. He proposed, and it was agreed, that the Argentine Foreign [Page 57] Office should prepare in the future a minute of each meeting for distribution to those present. As the question of Mexican participation was then dropped and not later referred to during today’s conversations I did not think it opportune at this time to give your views on this point as contained in paragraph 2 of Department’s 41.

3. The Minister for Foreign Affairs stated that Chile considered the consultations already undertaken by Argentina and Chile vis-à-vis Paraguay and Bolivia respectively should be taken as a basis for the mediating Governments’ discussions. He remarked that the Argentine and Chilean soundings had entailed much work and that he was in agreement with Chile on this point, save whatever modifications might later be found necessary of introduction.

4. Chilean Ambassador stated that according to his Government today’s meeting was not of a formal character being called for the purpose of constituting the Commission with the inclusion of Uruguay and for that reason no definite decisions should be taken.

5. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Brazilian and Peruvian Ambassadors, nevertheless emphasized the desirability of immediately inviting the Bolivian and Paraguayan Foreign Ministers to come to Buenos Aires to give the latter an opportunity for direct discussions. After the Chilean Ambassador had obtained his Government’s approval by telephone Saavedra Lamas prepared identic telegrams addressed to the Paraguayan and Bolivian Foreign Ministers for the signature of those attending today’s meeting. These telegrams in translation are as follows:

“The undersigned meeting today in the Argentine Foreign Office for the purpose of furthering an effort towards peace with respect to the Chaco conflict have the honor to inform Your Excellency that they have unanimously agreed that the presence in Buenos Aires of Their Excellencies the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Paraguay and Bolivia would be of the greatest convenience in order to correct the obstacles of time and geographic distance which otherwise could handicap the aims which all have at heart. Your Excellency will doubtless appreciate the noble object inspiring this joint request which we submit to your high judgment. Accept, et cetera”.

In view of paragraph 3 of Department’s 41 I have joined in signing these telegrams.

6. Minister for Foreign Affairs has called a further meeting for May 15 [14],39a 6 p.m., for the purpose of studying the documents connected with the Argentine-Chilean peace consultations with Bolivia and Paraguay.

  1. For correction of this date, see telegram No. 44, May 16, noon, from the Chargé in Argentina, p. 60.