724.3415/4845: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Argentina (Cox)

41. Your 37, May 9, 9 p.m. At the meeting of the mediation commission scheduled to take place tomorrow, Saturday afternoon, once the inclusion of Uruguay is proposed, you may state that the proposal has the hearty support of your Government. If it is determined to invite this Government to participate in the proposed Economic Conference you may state that you will take pleasure in transmitting the invitation to your Government.

Paragraph 2. The Government of Bolivia, through its Minister in Washington, and the Government of Peru, through the Peruvian Ambassador here, have expressed their desire that Mexico be invited to be represented in the mediation commission. If this proposal is made in tomorrow’s session of the commission, you may state that your Government would, of course, be glad to support the proposal; that, however, if states additional to those originally invited by Argentina and Chile to join in the negotiations are to be requested to participate, it would seem desirable so far as might be possible that some guiding principle be adopted with regard to the question and that the Government of the United States desires to propose the desirability of adopting the precedent established during earlier negotiations and that the earlier group of nine be reconstituted, namely, the four neighboring states—Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru—and the five members of the original commission of neutrals, namely, the United States, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, and Cuba. If Mexico were now invited to participate and Colombia and Cuba were omitted, considerable resentment might be occasioned the two latter countries because of their helpful and cooperative participation [Page 56] in the past and, furthermore, if no precedent is followed and the matter of invitations is not governed by some recognized principle, the question of the inclusion of additional states may give rise to protracted discussion at a moment when rapid action seems imperative.

Paragraph 3. Finally, it is understood that the Government of Brazil will suggest that the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the two belligerents be invited to attend the conversations at Buenos Aires. If this proposal is made, you should state on behalf of your Government that the proposal meets with its hearty support.

If the question of cessation of hostilities is raised in the discussion, you may state that in the opinion of your Government, any action to be taken by the mediation commission in that regard might more appropriately and effectively be taken after the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Paraguay and Bolivia are present at the meetings of the commission.

Should any other questions of importance be taken up at tomorrow’s session, you should request an opportunity for obtaining the opinion of your Government concerning them before making any commitment.

Please cable detailed report of Saturday’s session.