835.51B861/140: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Weddell)

142. The Foreign Bondholders Protective Council states that it would greatly appreciate any information which can be appropriately obtained without approaching either the First of Boston Corporation or Bemberg and Company regarding the total amount included in the 1936 budget of the Province of Buenos Aires for service of dollar bonds, and also if there is any indication when the budget will be voted.

The Department would be interested in receiving any expression of opinion which you may wish to venture on the last proposal of the Province (transmitted with the Department’s air mail instruction No. 291 of October 829); whether you believe it really constitutes the final offer and whether in the light of all the circumstances it may be regarded as a reasonable settlement for the American bondholders as compared with the terms offered other foreign bondholders.

Cable reply.

  1. Not printed.