The Executive Vice President and Secretary of the Foreign Bondholders Protective Council, Inc. ( White ) to the Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs ( Wilson )27

Dear Mr. Wilson: Please accept my hearty thanks for your letter of the 1st inst. (LA 621.6317/35),28 enclosing a paraphrase of telegram No. 220, September 27th, 2 p.m., from the Embassy at Buenos Aires. [Page 293] I am indeed happy to have this information, which comes at a most opportune moment when we are considering a new proposal of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Yesterday, they suggested paying, on the 6%, 6½%, 7% and 7%% Bonds respectively, as follows:

1936–1938—4⅛—4¼—4⅜—4½—no amortization.

1939–1941— ditto —¾% amortization.

1942–until bonds are retired—4⅜—4½—4⅝—4¾—1% amortization.

In considering this matter it would be a help to us to have an answer to our cable of August 23rd to Señor Pinedo, Minister of Finance of the Republic. I am wondering whether the Embassy is having any success in this matter?

Faithfully yours,

Francis White
  1. Copy transmitted to the Ambassador in Argentina with instruction No. 291, October 8, 1935, not printed.
  2. Not found in Department files.