The Consul at Geneva ( Blake ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1193 Political

Sir: I have the honor to refer to my despatch No. 1191 Political of March 1, 19359 transmitting a League document regarding the extension of the time limit for ratification of the Protocol of Friendship and Cooperation between Colombia and Peru, and to enclose League document No. C.110.M.54.1935.VII of March 4, 1935 which contains the text of a communication, dated February 27, 1935, addressed to the Secretary-General by the Colombian Delegation to the League and conveying information in a similar sense to that already communicated by the Peruvian Government.

Respectfully yours,

Gilson G. Blake


Communicated to the Council and Members of the League.

Communication From the Colombian Government

Note by the Secretary-General

The Secretary-General has the honour to communicate for the information of the Council and Members of the League the following letter dated February 27th, 1935, which he has received from the Permanent Delegation of Colombia to the League of Nations.

(Translation from the Spanish)

The Permanent Delegation of Colombia to the League of Nations has the honour to bring to the notice of the Secretary-General the [Page 215] following communiqué which the Colombian Government issued to the Colombian press on the 25th instant:

“Difficulties of parliamentary procedure having arisen which prevented the Colombian Congress from considering the Protocol of Friendship and Co-operation between Colombia and Peru, it was not possible to proceed to the exchange of ratifications within the time-limit originally fixed in Article 9 of the Protocol.

“The Government of Colombia proposed to the Government of Peru that this time-limit should be extended, while reaffirming its intention of maintaining in the letter and the spirit the international policy embodied in the Protocol and seeking the sanction of the next Congress, which is to be elected in May and to meet in July of the current year.

“The Peruvian Minister in Colombia has now intimated that the Congress of his country has sanctioned the extension of the time-limit for the exchange of ratifications until November 30th of the current year, and the two Governments, in the cordial exchange of notes which has taken place between their Chancelleries, have expressed their intention of maintaining unaltered the effects which the Protocol has so far produced, and ensuring the continuance of the same atmosphere of cordiality and mutual confidence that has been one of the happy results of that diplomatic instrument. Each Government will give notice of the extension agreed upon to the League of Nations and to the Government of Brazil in the same form in which it gave notice of the signature of the Protocol, and also to His Excellency Monsieur Afranio de Mello Franco, the eminent President of the Conference of Rio de Janeiro.

“In the exchange of notes aforesaid, the two Governments have agreed that the Joint Commission set up for the purposes specified in Article 6 of the Protocol shall continue to function as hitherto, and to receive the same cordial support and co-operation from the two Governments with a view to the successful issue of its labours.

“Inasmuch as Article 5 of the Protocol provides that the States shall prepare an agreement for the demilitarization of the frontier in conformity with the normal requirements of their security, it has further been agreed that the Technical Commission referred to in the said Article 5 shall shortly be set up at Lima.”

The text of the foregoing communiqué was agreed upon by the Colombian Minister for Foreign Affairs with the Peruvian Legation at Bogotá, and it was arranged that the Peruvian Government should issue a communiqué in identical terms.

The Permanent Delegation of Colombia to the League of Nations avails itself of this opportunity, etc.

Geneva, February 27, 1935.

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