721.23/2428: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva (Gilbert) to the Secretary of State

11. (1) I now learn that several informal meetings have been held of the old Council Committee of Three in the Colombia-Peruvian dispute (Spain, Czechoslovakia and Mexico) to consider the situation described in my No. 9, January 12, 3 p.m.

(2) I have been authoritatively advised that a formal meeting of the Committee of Three will be held late today. It will give consideration to the convoking of the League Advisory Committee on Leticia.

(3) I estimate the form and extent of the present League action as depending on such information as can be obtained here of actual [Page 203] character of position of Colombia in particular whether its non-ratification of the Rio de Janeiro protocol is due to a technical preliminary situation or to deeper questions of national policy and thus whether League intervention at this time is expedient.

(4) Although as the Department will recall the Leticia Advisory Committee has varied in its composition (although composed of the members of the Council they were named individually in order to avoid membership of Japan), it is felt that juridical grounds are sufficient to consider the Committee as continuing and that it may be composed of any current Council membership together as formerly with the United States and Brazil as observers and that a convocation may be based on that concept.

(5) The Secretariat political section informs that such a convocation is probable and immediate and that notifications to the United States and Brazil may perhaps be issued today.