893.00/13025: Telegram

The Second Secretary of Legation in China (Atcheson) to the Secretary of State

76. French Legation representative Nanking states he has today received telegram from French Consul Chengtu in substance as follows: American and British women and children are evacuating in Ford plane. Road and river between Chengtu and Chungking infested with bandit soldiers making communication difficult. Chengtu is in panic because of fear of Communist upheaval if troops evacuate Tachienlu; Communists in Chengtu believed to number 1200 have been arrested. General Li informed French Consul he was anxious concerning loyalty of his troops, and there is considerable dissension among provincial military. Chinese authorities have repeated in writing their oral warning to evacuate with the result that French Consul has notified French nationals question of leaving is at their discretion and two French sisters have departed. French Consul is removing his family but is himself remaining until danger increases.