793.94/7015: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

252. 1. Following interview by General Isogai, Military Attaché to the Japanese Embassy in China, was given to Rengo and published today on North China situation:

“This affair was brought about by the intrigues designed to bring about a dictatorship. We are not making an issue of the removal of a few provincial officials, that is a small question. We want to know if General Chiang is sincere enough in his desire for peace in the Far East to abandon the policies he has pursued since the day he left Canton and to seek a solution of all Sino-Japanese problems, including that of “Manchukuo” once and for all by solution of the “Manchukuo” problem. It is natural that I should mean China’s recognition of the new Empire but we are not interested in the fate of General Chiang, what we seek is a government capable of cooperating with Japan in maintaining the peace of the Far East. It does not seem to us that General Chiang is prepared to lead one, consequently we find it necessary to carry out our objective even if it applies only to North China. We are fully prepared to do this.”

2. No dependable information available regarding military conference at Tientsin but unconfirmed reports are in circulation that demarcation in the form of an ultimatum may shortly be communicated.

3. Local postal authorities under instruction have placed large stocks of stamps in foreign banks and have taken other precautions against postal losses.

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4. Several of the more important members of the military conference sitting at Tientsin are said to be coming to Peiping late this afternoon for the purpose of interviewing Ho Ying-chin.

5. General Shang Chen left this afternoon for Tientsin to assume his new post as garrison commander.

6. Hankow Consulate telegraphs today that more recent information indicates Chiang Kai-shek will come to Hankow about July 1 en route to Kuling.

7. Mukden Consulate telegraphs today Japanese news service announces that Doihara leaving for Peiping today to “impress upon China that Kwantung Army is not trifling and that if demands are not complied with extreme measures will be taken”.